Standing desk experiment and consequent knee injury

There was a wave of standing desk posts all over the internet during winter 2013. It was a new shiny thing everybody was trying out. The »

Mobilization 3 conference highlights

This weekend I visited the Mobilization 3 Conference organized in Łódź and I had quite good time there. I attend local user groups regularly here in »

Hive53 meetup and legal advices for IT professionals

I moved to Kraków about two weeks ago. I have been exploring all kinds of communities around here to get involved in something interesting. Today I »

Dell XPS 13: my primary dev machine I have used for last six month

People usually post reviews of the newest and the hottest gadgets out there, but this article is about a piece of hardware that I have used »

Escaping dark matter developers legion.

After being a full time developer for couple years now I finally got things together and decided to stop being a dark matter developer and start »