Escaping dark matter developers legion.

After being a full time developer for couple years now I finally got things together and decided to stop being a dark matter developer and start writing. Being visible to others online is a part of me making sure to leave some kind of a footprint in the web.

I plan to dedicate this blog mostly to things that I am passionate about and do in my everyday life. At the moment of writing these are: programming, fitness and cooking.

As of this moment I have couple years of experience in software development. I got my hands dirty with .NET, JavaScript and a little of PHP. The first two things are my favorite ones so far. As I am finishing my last year doing MS degree in Software Engineering, the thesis I consider writing will involve two things I have very little experience with, but would really like to dig dipper in, are RavenDB and MongoDB (NoSQL is everywhere nowadays so I thought to give these two a try). So... these are the things you might be reading about soon.


(cover image by Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video)