Mobilization 3 conference highlights

This weekend I visited the Mobilization 3 Conference organized in Łódź and I had quite good time there. I attend local user groups regularly here in Krakow and only have been once to a non technical conference before. This was sort of my first time attending a real IT conference.

The whole even gathered about 800 people and had 5 tracks with topics mostly about Android, iOS, and Windows stuff. There were no keynotes or any other fancy things that are usually done on larger conferences, so it all started straight from talks right after short registration. I don't do any platform specific development so I tried choosing topics that are more about general mobile technologies or have some JavaScript/HTML5-ish taste.

The Talks

First talk I visited was given by Bartłomiej Zass called 'Windows 8.1 dla programistów' (Windows 8.1 for developers). I was very interested to hear about the new features in Windows 8.1 as I just did an update to the newer version a day before the conference. After asking few questions about general knowledge of the Windows 8 platform the speaker began to talk about general architecture of the platform and showed the communications of JavaScript code with a library written in C#. The actual information about 8.1 lasted for 5 minutes in the end of the talk. Well, not exactly what I expected to hear but at least the demos and the last 5 minutes were interesting :)

The second talk was about Foundation framework and was presented by Tomasz Netczuk. I played with this framework for a bit some time ago and was interested to see how people use it in production. I also wanted to know about the benefits Foundation gave comparing to Bootstrap. Stuff I liked mentioned during the talk: live example in production, zepto.js, Interchange component.

The third talk was full of smiles and positive energy. I came to Sławomir Jasek's presentation on mobile app security. Whole 45 minutes were packed with interesting examples of security anti-patterns and mistakes developers make when creating high-profile applications. The speaker kept my interest through the talk and I think this was one of the best presentations given.

For the lunch break organizers prepared a real field food and people enjoyed 'Grochówka Wojskowa' (Pea Soup) on the outside. There were lots of companies with promo stands and I visited all of them to collect the 'stars' for the contest, too bad I didn't win ;) Programming contests were held by sponsors and nice prizes like SSD's and Drone QuadCopter were given.

The talk right after lunch was by Łukasz Anwajler. He did a great job describing his experience using Google Glass device. It was very informative and good points were made about weak spots of the Glass. I had completely different view on the device before the talk. I didn't realize how small the battery was and the 'breaking' part was a surprise as well.

Braking Glass slide at Mobilization 3 conference by Lukasz Enwajler.

The last three talks I attended were about FirefoxOS, User Centered Design and Protocol Buffers. The FirefoxOS talk was by Paweł Preczyński and it was a general introduction to FirefoxOS. I am pretty familiar with the platform and attended to ask some questions about the issues I had with it. I attended the 'User Centered Design' talk by Piotr Stanisławski to gain some knowledge and see how people approach UX in other companies. The last talk came out to be about troubles of parsing JSON in C++ and how ProtoBuf cured all the pain in the project. I haven't written any C++ in years, and never realized people are having such problems with JSON.

The Mobilization Afterparty

It was my first time in Łódź, so I took time to explore the city with my friends and came back to the attendee party asap. I think this was the best part of this event as I could talk with presenters while having a beer and not limit the topics just to the technical stuff.

I had a wonderful weekend in Łódź, so big thanks to the Mobilization 3 conference organizers and guys from Base who gave me a ride to the event.

Now it's time to get back to work! Cheers!

P.S. I didn't take too many photos of the conference itself, so check out the official photos here and here, My photos of Łódź are available here.